What makes a Great Landing Page?

What makes a Great Landing Page?

In this era of technological advancements, high speed internet and lightning fast processing capabilities; Digital has been a big game changer.  It is virtually a child’s play to buy your desired product or service from your place of dwelling within minutes by just tapping your phone. Now-a-days digital media has become an indispensable part of almost every industry. The most crucial element of digital are still websites. Brands spend huge budgets on Website Development, Redesigns and Website Maintenance. Websites are highly reliant on Landing Pages which are used to lure visitors and induce them to click on call to action (CTA).

Landing page is basically the page that opens as soon as a visitor clicks on paid ad or through organic means. So it is of great importance for a website to have a set of captivating landing pages. In order to increase sales and conversions to an optimum extent, a brand needs to have an informative yet a precise landing page which is able enough to offer the visitors what they desire. So let us look at vital ingredients of a great landing page.

  • A comprehensible value proposition :

A value proposition of any brand is an offer to customer that is appealing enough to make a customer believe that a particular product will add more value and would solve the problem more efficiently in comparison to other similar offerings. It  should not be hard enough for a customers to understand what a brand has in store for them by skimming through a landing page .The features and its advantages should be clear enough for them to understand.

Lets’s have a look at the value proposition of Uber.Being a multi pronged platform,Uber has specific value propositions for its customer as well as vendor i.e  driver and rider. For rider, it is focused on the aspect of  “To be able to call a driver with one tap and simultaneously track the driver too. For a driver, “apart from giving an opportunity to make money,it provides them the freedom to choose the working hours according to their own convenience.” With its engaging value proposition, Uber makes it quite clear that why it is superior when compared to traditional taxis.

  • UI Design & Consistency

UI design plays a prominent role in making of a great landing page. It can either make or break your customer base. UI is the main connection between a customer and the website. A good UI design allows a customer to complete required action in an intuitive manner using minimum number of steps or taps. So its importance in making a Landing Page stand out can not be ignored at all.

Mailchimp proves to be a great example of the same. Its landing page has a gorilla image on top left corner that signifies the brand. It  makes use of contrasting colours for registration and log in buttons that prompts the user to create an account. There is no need for a user to struggle with the site to complete the registration.

Have you ever wondered what special element must be present in a landing page design because of which they not only look amazing, but even feel amazing?

There is an unsaid rule associated with such designs. It is consistency.

Consistency is commonly called the DNA of designing. It helps the user to understand the designs and their purpose. It is what makes the navigation of a site hassle free for a user. Consistency is the element that makes a user stick to the Landing Page. It is that element of a design that has a specific functionality assigned to it. So, while navigating a landing page, whenever a user comes across this element, he understands that specific function for which it is designed.

  • A Well Defined Call to Action:

It is important for a landing page to sustain the connection between leads and conversions. This could be done only by specifying a clear call to action(CTA).Skipping or having a suboptimal CTA button is a severe mistake that won’t bode well for a brand’s landing page. The most significant point about CTA that needs to be mentioned here is that it keeps a track of the journey a customer experiences. It tells them what should they do next,thus instructing them to take the immediate action. A number of actions could be included in CTA like visiting a blog, providing their contact information and subscribing to the emails. CTAs should have in them a sense of momentousness that provokes a customer for a immediate action, for example, “Get more tips!” or “subscribe!”.

  • Feedback:

It is important for a company to include in their landing page a proper review form that could help them to analyze the areas where they are lagging behind.

Shopify uses these kind of social proofing that has proved to be a great help to them in building and sustaining the trust of new visitors. It has provided them the potential to emerge as a powerful unit as they grow.

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