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As every activity now taking place online, it has become crucial for nearly every business to build its presence digitally. With the global crisis sinking in, brands around us have found their way to our hearts and minds through digital platforms to market their products or services. One of the most competitive and lucrative industries on the Internet is the E-commerce industry. With an attention span of just 5 seconds, one needs to create a seamless, robust, and unmatched experience.

Key factors Encouraging Growth :

Obstacles faced by E-commerce brands :

As the profitability of eCommerce continues to explode, global B2C eCommerce has nearly amounted to nearly $3.53 trillion in 2019 which is expected to get double by 2023. The future eCommerce industry has witnessed a huge jump during and after the global crisis of COVID-19. Knowing your customers can be the most deciding factor for the growth of any business.


Ecommerce has revolutionized retail. And 2021 is here to transform the world of eCommerce.  

That’s why it is important to analyze the eCommerce trends that can drive your brand forward, and help you in staying ahead of the competition.

1.Sustainability Concerns: Do you know that approximately 73% of consumers would change their consumption habits to reduce their environmental impact!

From manufacturing to packaging, or handling return or logistics, they are looking forward to creating a sustainable environment and are demanding the organization to do the same.


2.Use of interactive video content and Shoppable content: Shoppable photos and interactive videos are the new frontiers in eCommerce. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube allow viewers to purchase directly through a pop-up.

Interactive content can include quizzes, polls, interactive emails, webinars, contests, interactive product demonstrations, product.


3.Personalization has become a new standard: Personalization is about delivering an experience customized to your audience. To do this, businesses must understand their customers by tracking general and individual data. Approaching in a friendly manner can entice the customer to buy a particular product. To personalize your webpage and deliver relevant products, you need to consider search queries, shopping cart, purchase history, geographical location


4.Rise of AI and Voice Search: Augmented Reality being a game-changer for the industries, such as fashion and home décor, can truly help shoppers in their buying decision. More and more businesses are utilizing AR for their showcasing their offerings, and it has more to offer in the future.

According to the reports, voice shopping has reached $30.7 million and is a project to cross $40 billion by 2022. With the help of devices like Amazon Alexa, people have started to shop through digital assistants.  eCommerce businesses can use this technology in their search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.


5.Rise of Influencer collaborations: eCommerce brands can partner up with the lifestyle and fashion influencers who have a large following on social media platforms. An influencer who has developed an online relationship with your target demographic can use their reach to promote your business.


6.Need for Mobile eCommerce: Nowadays, people are glued to their mobile phones 24*7. Therefore, there is a need for an eCommerce platform that is friendly for smaller screens. Be it a website or shopping applications, eCommerce brands need to optimize their platforms for both as it provides greater value and has showcased to increase conversion, revenue, and loyalty.

We, at The Brand Books, challenge ourselves every day to provide better of ourselves to power the digital kingdom with extraordinary, robust, and unrivaled offerings that just go with the latest industry trends. We are the part agency, part consultancy, and part culture specialists having a significant and diverse experience in understanding your business, your audience and then, we develop eCommerce websites that grabs the visitor’s attention, drive conversions and sales.

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