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Have you ever wondered WHY?

WHY most of your prospects who have the potential to engage with you aren’t doing it yet?

Maybe your B2C marketing strategies aren’t adding up properly to get what you want in the B2B marketing scenario. Industrial branding is all about building a brand identity among the industry that helps in gaining profits. As more and more suppliers are entering the B2B industry, business clients do not have the time to study and compare your marketing pitch.

Key Factors Encouraging Growth :

Hurdles faced by B2B brands :

Business-to-business marketing (B2B Marketing) has come a long way in the last decade. With increasing digital content and platforms capturing an increasingly bigger share of B2B decision-maker’s attention, it has become very important for your brand to develop a B2B marketing strategy that integrates traditional and ever-emerging digital opportunities.


At The Brand Books, we are a research-driven marketing agency that always thrives to build a brand on the pedestal of constantly evolving digital marketing techniques. Here, are some of the latest B2B marketing trends that you may not want to lose out on as it helps in revolutionizing your business.

1.It is all about Account-Based Marketing

Traditional marketing strategies help in reaching out to a large number of potential customers. Marketers need to know individual customers and tailor their outreach strategies according to their needs and expectations. Account-based marketing helps in segregating your customers and serve them in a more focused way. It delivers 97% higher ROI when compared to other marketing activities.


2.Video content continues to gain popularity

Research reveals 70% of buyers watch a video as a part of their product research before conversion. Video content continues to play a key role in shaping customer opinions and decisions. It creates an engaging story through visuals that have a lasting impact on B2B customers.


3.Increasing Role of Artificial Intelligence

Research reveals 64% of agents with AI integrated into their B2B business can serve better as it facilitates in series of tasks including resolving customer queries, create data-driven content and scale up content outreach strategy. It also helps in better decision-making suitable to their customer’s needs.


4.Adoption of omnichannel marketing strategy

As B2B marketing is all about gaining trust, facilitating brand-customer interactions, and retaining the existing customers, it is essential to show your brand presence in every possible medium. According to research, omnichannel strategies achieve 91% greater customer retention rates. It includes the utilization of platforms such as social media, mobile marketing, print media, radio, internet, and physical advertising.


5.Prioritizing buyer experience forever

Enhancing the speed of the platforms, providing knowledgeable help and mobile-friendly customer experience, efficient, fun, engaging, and latest technology are some of the traits that are in-demand among consumers. So, businesses need to upgrade to such digital-first environments and offer modern and exemplary customer experiences.

At The Brand Books, we thrive to embed brands in our year-old traditions. The process of the customer buying decision is rarely linear, hence it is important to be visible at each phase of the purchase funnel. We integrate the effective marketing communication strategy into the B2B brand which dominates the conversions.


In today’s connected world, branding plays a big role in the B2B world, as it helps in building trust, convenience, quality, and social responsibility.


Therefore, you need a branding partner which will understand your business thoroughly. and create a marketing strategy to succeed in today’s climate.  We are the part agency, part consultancy, and part culture specialists having significant and diverse experience in the B2B industry and we know what it takes to grow the business.  

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