In order to establish a Brand, design is of utmost importance. A good design ultimately drives home the Identity of a brand. Even a tagline can be impacted how it is perceived by customers if there is a slight variation in how it is carried on Design in terms of Typography (fonts) or Colour palette. Almost a decade back Design was predominantly larger than life, complex and loud as main avenues of showcasing Brand were large screen devices like TV, large Billboards, Hoardings and Neon Signs but with advent of Digital era, Design has undergone fundamental rejig. Nowadays designs are minimalistic, carry less clutter and are more subtle as they find audience in small devices like Mobile devices, Social Networks and websites.

Not every Digital agency can provide talents who can carefully craft a design in sync with a Brands vision and positioning. But at The Brand Books, we have a team of Design Afficionados whom a brand can trust with their Design needs and focus their attention on other Business goals. We leverage Pop culture, Tech and Deep Understanding of Consumer Psyche to develop a potent design for your brand.

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