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The explosion of Digital Media and Marketing Platforms was supposed to give birth to precision marketing where brands can pin point their potential customers and then cluster bomb them with their marketing communication and entice them to buy their products and services. This should have given bigger brands the advantage as they were in a situation to buy more media more efficiently. But what actually transpired was not in accordance with the above-mentioned script. New Age Brands with their Digital only approach are dominating traditional brands by redefining how marketing is done on Digital Platforms. They have moved in sync with the speed of consumer culture and have achieved a better ROI, are able to scale quicker and have a tribal fan following which traditional brands never had.


The Brand Books is an initiative by a team which is a part agency, part consultancy and part culture specialists who aspire to solve the challenge of growth for Conventional and New Age Brands. We have a deep specialization in Real Estate, E-commerce, Education, Consumer Electronics and B2B space. Our approach is to deliver robust Marketing ROI and seamless experience to our clients who are looking for scalable Lead Generation and a Revenue driven approach to their Marketing initiatives.


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