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Be it commercial, industrial, retail or residential, we build and serve real estate brands from the grounds up to the towering heights as they are here for building a better future for all of us to enjoy our lives lavishly. Real estate industry is a dynamic ever-evolving space, so does its digital marketing strategies. As potential home owners are using the internet to search their future purchase, a strong and powerful digital marketing strategy is what will help the real estate brands to be the best among the competition by delivering data-driven strategies and customized marketing solutions.

Key Drivers Encouraging Growth:

Pitfalls faced by Real Estate brands in the industry:

That’s why we are here for you! From creating a powerful toolbox of real estate marketing strategies and services that allow your TG to get more eyes on their listings and sell more home spaces.

With 2020 bringing unexpected change in our lives, every industry sector has witnessed the modifications. The way business operated have been completely changed. But as it said, the survival of fittest comes through, few businesses have paved their way. We have shortlisted some of the trends that will be going to be a major key player to target your audience:

1.Virtual Tour: It provides buyers to go through their properties of choice virtually, which is going to be a new experience for all. Also, 3D features ensure that customers can see through properly what they are getting into.


2.Social Media presence and ChatBot: Targeting some of the famous social media platforms and enticing your audience with the best social media strategies could be a thing in today’s digital age.


3.Aerial Drones: These drones are the tools that will be making your property’s virtual tour possible. No one had ever thought that using an aerial drone for purposes other than security. Real estate brands are switching to aerial tours through drones, which allows them to provide clarity of how’s’ your property going to be like.


4.Digital Marketing is in the Game: Targeting your TG online has become more than relevant in 2021. The digital has made it possible as it helps in highlighting the features of the property through digital marketing platforms available. You can master the digital marketing games by running ads on Google, Facebook, and Instagram.


5.Content Marketing is the King: Content marketing is used to create and distribute content that assists in building trust and thought leadership among young target audiences through infographics, videos, guides, and e-books.

And there’s more to this!!

To stay relevant in the real estate industry, your business needs to evolve and adapt to the changes in today’s volatile markets. The adoption of digital platforms has become essential for both; home buyers and sellers to orchestrate a deal.

At The Brand Books, we begin our relationship together, you won’t need to get us up to speed because we are already there. We are the part agency, part consultancy, and part culture specialists having significant and diverse experience in real estate marketing and all of its trades.

Let us assist you to take your real estate business brand to heights you have never imagined before!

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