Why SEO?

"The Best Place to hide a dead body is 2nd Page of Google Search"

By 2020 SEO will be considered as a marketing channel just like TV, Radio and Print. It will be vital and indispensable part of a Brand's Digital Marketing Mix irrespective of whether the brand is a B2B or a B2C on so if you are not giving it due importance then you are losing Business.

"The Best Place to hide a dead body is 2nd Page of Google Search"

The next Big Trends in SEO which every brand needs to keep an eye for are incorporation of Voice Search, Visual Search, Video Search, Local Search and Artificial Intelligence. While AI is still in fancy stage, though SEO agencies claim to have mastered it but there is no set of concrete tactics that have emerged within SEO space that leverage AI. Yet Voice-Visual-Video-Local have become vital to SEO Excellence.

Do you Know

 According to Google 41% of Adults and 55% of Teens Perform at least one voice search in a day. Source -

According to Gartner By 2021, Brands that redesign their websites to support visual and voice search will be able to increase their digital revenue by over 30%. Source -

According to Gartner By 2021, Brands that redesign their websites to support visual and voice search will be able to increase their digital

According to Google around 80% of consumers use Search to find Local Information (Near Me or Close By). Source -

How to Choose SEO Company?

Your elusive search to find SEO Company that delivers tangible value and quantifiable results ends now. We at 'The Brand Books' have a team of new age SEO Strategists, Content Marketers and UX Designers that can help Brands in gaining crucial advantage over competition when it comes to SEO Excellence.

Our Unique SEO strategy focusses on achieving excellence across all 4 vital pillars of SEO


Ever since the eponymous Google's Algorithm update of August 2018, to rank higher on Google every Brand need to invest in Content that has "E-A-T" factor (Expertise - Authority - Trustworthiness). Our content team has expertise in over 15 different industries across both Long Form (Whitepapers / E-Books / Blogs) and Short Form content (Web Pages / FAQ/ Snippets) to give your brand's website domain an unconquerable lead over other competitor domains.

2.Keyword Research

SEO competence of any agency can be gauged from the level of research that has been put up in Analyzing Keywords. Invariably the Keyword Portfolio that a Brand chooses to focus is the most crucial factor in determining the volume of Leads, Visits, Orders that a brand attains. Our proprietary Framework of Keyword Portfolio classifies Keywords across 4 buckets namely - Stars, Cash Cows, Also Rans and Duds and applies Pareto Principle to it (20% of Keywords are Responsible for 80% of Searches). We ensure that there is a healthy % of Keywords across various categories so that your Organic Website Visits are always on an upward sloping curve.


White Hat techniques to optimize Web Crawling, Internal Linking, Optimizing Meta Title-Meta Descriptions- Header Tags, W3c Error and Broken Link Fixes, Schema Updation, Robots.Txt fixes among others. Our SEO Experts work diligently across the clock on all these aspects so that your Brand's website has a crucial advantage when it comes to Organic Visibility.

4.UX & UI

Since last couple of years role of UX & UI has gained a lot of importance in SEO. Since 2018 update, if a website is not mobile optimised Google penalises it when it comes to SEO. Similarly, a clean UI Code helps in crawling by Google Search engine. If a website Navigation and Structure is balanced, then sitelinks have more chances to appear in Google Search. We at "The Brand Books" realise the importance of UI and UX in SEO performance and our SEO experts work in a harmony with our UI team to make this possible.

"The Brand Books" leverages all these SEO techniques and processes to make sure that your brand has a crucial competitive advantage over other players in market when it comes to SEO. So next time when you are typing in SEO Services, SEO Company in Delhi, SEO Company in Gurgaon, SEO Company in Noida you will invariably notice that we will show up in your Google's First Page.

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