Database Marketing

"We have these rich databases, but we do not use the rich data that they hold."

In last decade Database marketing programs have captured the imagination of Marketers, Brand and Consumers. From a marketer’s perspective, Database marketing uses consumer data to improve the efficiency of marketing programs. It helps in mass targeting or selective tailoring of marketing campaigns for almost all of the industry verticals. Salient advantages of DBM are

  1. Database Marketing can vastly improve the targeting of current customers from your most loyal, high-value customers to first-time customers and occasional purchasers.
  2. Targeting highly personalized marketing messages for current customers and prospective customers.
  3. Database Marketing allows brands to reach more customers at fraction of effort and marketing dollars by promoting the messaging to leads who are more likely to respond.
  4. Brands can cultivate relationships with potential customers by tailoring marketing message. What some people term as “junk sms”, many marketers view as initial reach out for a long-term brand-customer relationship. With time customers can be targeted with potent marketing messages that coupled with new age automated workflows can reduce selling costs and boost retention rates.

Do you Know

1.88% of marketers use data obtained by 3rd parties in their marketing programmes. Source -

2. 67% of marketers espouse that speed and efficiency is one of the key benefits of database marketing that helps them in reaching out their

3. 62% of consumers have stated that it’s acceptable for brans to send personalized offers based on their purchase history. Source -

Why Choose Us?

We provide automated platforms that help brands in reaching out to their database at any time with a click of a mouse. Just with a finger swipe you can send millions of SMS, Emails or even Whatsapp.

1.Whatsapp Marketing

– You can send video, audio, text, creatives or a combination of it to lacs and lacs of users with just a click of mouse.

– Mass upload of excel and CSV file available.

– Call to Action can be a contact number for queries and booking information.

– Undelivered messages get credited back to your balance.

– Delivery within 30 mns to 2 hrs to users if done before 6 pm.

– Most efficient way to reach out owing to less time required to send across communication & high ROI.

– Ability to target customers across multiple countries.

– Nurture your existing lead Database or new database of potential leads.

– If your brand is not engaging your user 3-4 times a month, you are loosing out on potential customers.

– SMS is generally deleted once received but Whats app are generally checked before deletion.

– Ideal for Apparel, Ecommerce, Real Estate, B2B, Education and BFSI sector.

2.Bulk SMS Marketing

– Multilingual capabilities that offers ability to send in local languages

– Remove DND Numbers to avoid being spam to customers who are not interested in push-based messaging

– Ability to send flash messages

– Copy past of numbers also possible that makes the whole exercise highly seamless

– SMS with sender id (6 Alphabets)

– Delivery report

– Lifetime Validity

3.Email Marketing

– Multilingual capabilities that offers ability to send in local languages

– We provide best and most cost effective mass email marketing in delhi ncr.

– We design targeted html email campaigns to ensure higher delivery rate

– Delivery tracking to monitor the entire marketing campaign.

– Completely automated platform.

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