5 UI and UX trends that will dominate 2021

5 UI and UX trends that will dominate 2021

UI/UX are playing a very prominent role in bringing customer traffic to a Brand’s marketing platform be it Website or a Mobile App. This is largely due to the fact that as audience have become more impatient and will only make a halt at your platform if the interface looks appealing, have an appropriate color palette, intuitive animation elements and is touch friendly. Advancements in interface designing in the past year have totally transformed how UI is being perceived as a vital element of marketing mix by Product Marketers and Brand Marketers. We are sure that, further advancements will happen in 2021 that will further improve its importance in the minds of Product Marketers and Brand Marketers. Out of the numerous trends that are dominating the discussion on UI, below are 5 trends which we at Webisdom feel are going to dominate 2021

Mobile First Approach

Before emphasizing on the word ‘mobile first’ we must look at this interesting stat

 As we see in this stat, mobile users have surpassed desktop users and the gap will further increase with time with the increasing number of mobile phones. UI/UX professionals have now started prioritizing designing for mobile phones over desktops. Mobile First is a progressive advancement in which mobile end development is the starting point and then we optimize more features for to other devices. Mobile phones have more restrictions as compared to other devices regarding the screen size and bandwidth and that is the reason why this trend is getting popular. 

Thumb-friendly experience

With the increased usage of market share of Smart Phones over Feature Phones, audiences are preferring 18:9 ratio panels over 16:9, giving maximum space to the screen with less area for bezels. All the fundamental controls of the app are given at the bottom within the reach of your thumb. People generally discard interface with too many options that looks shabby and creates confusion. It is indeed a big challenge for UI  designers to target the thumb zone as the screen size are increasingly getting larger but if all the functional elements are designed keeping in mind the thumb movement, then it becomes easy for the audience to navigate through websites and apps. In 2021 we will see UI/UX professionals working overtime to provide a superior thumb friendly experience to users.


According to reports, we have experienced a drastic change in human attention span. In 2000, It was about 12 seconds which dropped to 8 seconds in 2015. Currently, 47% of your audience wants a website to load in not more than 2 seconds. Through these figures, one thing is pretty much clear that your website should load within the blink of an eye. Page loading is determined by several factors and graphics included in the page is one of them. Graphics heavy pages affect your loading speed while minimalistic UI designs take less time to load. Visitors also doesn’t like graphics-heavy pages as it looks unpleasant and also increases the bounce rate. Ideal balance of functionality and simplicity is what allures the audience so the phenomenon of Minimalism in design will certainly gather steam in 2021.

Overlapping Effects

Overlapping simply means a combination of multiple layers to create a captivating interface. Newer smartphones with better graphics display and color gradient will fuel the use of overlapping effect in 2021.

Frameless Designs

Trends don’t only change due to advancement in the Interface designs but also due to the overall exterior design of Physical Interface as well. Device Screen also plays a vital role in determining the UI design. Device manufacturing companies are now bringing device edges and screens closer and making more rounder edges. The display is becoming more immersive and it helps interfaces to smoothly integrate with screens. In 2021, developers will soon drop on those old screen designs for smooth rounded screen edges. Year 2021 will be the year of Frameless design

These were some significant trends that will shape the UI design trends in 2021. But as these trends are evolving very rapidly it will be interesting to see which of these will gather more steam and which one of them will be surpassed by some new trend.  

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