Quick Hacks on creating alluring Social Media Graphics

Quick Hacks on creating alluring Social Media Graphics

With Internet evolving at an expeditious speed, Information is now available all around us. It becomes very easy to gather information about anything in just a click. With such diverse options present around us, sometimes it becomes laborious to select a suitable source. So in these cases illustrations and visual graphics plays a vital role in gathering user’s attention. Role of visual graphics have changed with time and now it is the most decisive part in social media marketing.

Social media has become a very important marketing channel. Whether your business is B2B or B2C social media strategies are critical to a campaigns success. Due to the content deluge of last 10 years, the audiences have also become more mature and only prefer content that is great, contextual and serves their needs. Leveraging impactful graphics to make your content more contextual and useful does this trick for you your content with impactful graphics does the trick for you. Human attention span is declining day by day and use of great graphics with Social Media content helps brands in ensuring that their target audience pauses for a second longer and gives their content requisite attention. This makes a Brands content stand out viz a viz competitors.

So in this blog we will share some important designing tips which you can incorporate in your designing strategies for creating alluring graphical content. Below are some important factors that give your illustration a cutting edge over other competitors and helps in effectively targeting customers.


Colors included in your graphics play an influential role in setting the mood and creating different emotion in user’s mind.  

Here are some quick tips

  • The message of the post should be given the priority and the colors to be added in the post should always depend upon the message.
  •  Serious content is generally complemented by dark colors.
  • Avoid using monotonous hues in your graphics as it seems dull and audience gets bored seeing the same color every time.
  •  Try and experiment with an innovative color palette even if your brand has a custom color palette.


Users go through news feed sporadically and it becomes very challenging to grab their attention. Here are some quick tips.

  • Proper balance with shades, texts, size, shape, and layout is hailed by all.
  • Contrast provokes visual senses and grabs user’s eye as it has become most important for wider reach.


Here are some quick tips on Typography.

  • Maintaining legibility in your graphics is very important as it is very necessary that the message written on the graphic must be easily readable by the users.
  • Improper usage of text may create chaos in user’s mind so Picking suitable font style and style is essential in determining the visual design for social media.


Templates are useful in communicating messages that are to be done at regular intervals like every week or month. If your brand makes tutorials on a weekly basis then particular layout or template helps users in digesting it more effectively.

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